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Segnaliamo "Special Issue "Working during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic".

Dear Colleagues,

The world health organization declared coronavirus disease 2019 a pandemic on March 11th, pointing to the over 118,000 cases in over 110 countries around the world. During this pandemic related to the spread of coronavirus, it became necessary to understand the protective factors, risk factors, stressors, and psychological and health conditions, associated with an unprecedented emergency, expecially on those workers on duty during the lockdown.

This research topic wants to understand which variables are considered most important to investigate, how research on the phenomenon is implemented, and the differences in studies between different countries, on the emergency covid-19, with the aim of assessing how researchers are acting to study psycho-social phenomena related to the coronavirus emergency, as well as effective preventive measures and public health management response and containment interventions.

Since many researchers around the world are using their efforts to contribute to the study of the phenomenon, this research topic aims to highlight interdisciplinary research approaches deployed during the covid-19 epidemic from across the world.

It will incorporate critical, theoretically informed, and empirically researched contributions using diverse approaches; experimental, observational, and intervention studies; and conceptual framing.

Dr. Emanuele Cannizzaro
Prof. Ramaci Tiziana
Dr. Massimiliano Barattucci
Dr. Fulvio Plescia
Guest Editors
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