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PREMUS 2019 - 10th International Scientific Conference on the Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

02/09/2019 - Bologna, Italy
Organized by: University of Bologna
Organized by SC: SC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Topics: Evidence based prevention and management of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders lie on valid methods of risk assessment and clinical practice. From research to evidence based sustainable interventions and practices. Where do research and practice meet?

Contact Information
E-mail: roberta.bonfiglioli@unibo.it
Website: Available soon

OHHW - 11th International Joint Conference on Occupational Health for Health Workers

22/10/2019 - Hamburg, Germany
Organized by: Centre for Epidemiology and Health Service Research in Care Professions (CVcare), University Clinics Hamburg-Eppendorf
Sponsored by: Statutory Accident Insurance of the Health and Welfare Service - Berufsgenossenschaft Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege (BGW)
Supported by: International Section of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) on Prevention of Occupational Risks in Health Services
Co-sponsored by ICOH SC: Occupational and Environmental Dermatoses; Women Health and Work
Organized by SC: Occupational Health for Health Workers

Topics: War, economic crises, migration, critical instances and their impact on health workers health Health worker shortage and workers health Vision Zero - culture of prevention Gender and health worker Healthy skin in health workers Ergonomics Leadership and workers health Management of hazardous drugs and exposure Infection risk and infection prevention Exposure to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation of health worker

Contact Information
University Clinics Hamburg-Eppendorf CVcare
Martinistraße 52
Bethanien-Höfe 20246 Hamburg / Germany
Tel: 0049(0)40-20207-3220
Fax: 0049(0)40-20207-3297
E-mail: albert.nienhaus@bgw-online.de
Website: http://cvcare.de

1st Congress on Emergency Preparedness and Response in Occupational Health (EPROH)

02/04/2020 - Montrouge, Paris Area, France
Supported by: ICOH, French society of occupational health for emergency (SFMTU)
Organized by SC: EPROH

Topics: Emergency in occupational settings/ workplace: response, preparedness, disaster, daily operation, rescuers/ responders/ firefighters health and prevention

Contact Information
Address: IRESU SAMU92 CHU Poincaré 104 bd Poincaré 92380 Garches France E-mail: info@iresu.fr
Website: http://eproh.org

7th International Conference on the History of Occupational and Environmental Health

27/05/2020 - Durban, South Africa
Organized by: ICOH Scientific Committee on History of Prevention of Occupational and Environmental Diseases
Supported by: University of KwaZulu-Natal, University of Gothenburg, Collegium Ramazzini, National Institute of Occupational Health (South Africa), South African Society of Occupational Medicine, South African Society of Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners, South African Institute of Occupational Hygienists

Topics: Theme: Occupational and Environmental Health: At the Crossroads of Migrations, Empires and Social Movements

Contact Information
Occupational and Environmental Health University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban South Africa
Tel: +27312604385
Fax: +27312604663
E-mail: icohhistory2020@ukzn.ac.za
Website: http://icohhistory2020.ukzn.ac.za

28th International Symposium on Epidemiology in Occupational Health (EPICOH)

31/08/2020 - Montréal, Canada
Organized by: nstitut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST), Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)

Topics: Under the theme “From the Workplace to the Population: Exposure and Prevention”, this conference will promote exchanges between researchers and stakeholders from the broad field of work and health, including epidemiologists, exposure scientists, industrial hygienists, toxicologists, occupational physicians, health services specialists, public health department and health agency representatives, and policy makers.
Moreover, the event has a strong commitment to engaging early-career researchers.

Contact Information
Website: https://epicoh2020.org/

33rd International Congress on Occupational Health – ICOH 2021

21/03/2021 - Melbourne, Australia
Organized by: ICOH, Australian New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine (ANZSOM)

Topics: Congress theme: ‘Sharing Solutions in Occupational Health: Locally, Regionally, Globally’

Contact Information
Website: http://www.icoh2021.org

Congresso Internazionale ICOH in modalità telematica

06/02/2022 - Melbourne, Australia
Update for ICOH Scientific Committees and Working Groups – The ICOH2022 Congress will be fully virtual

To: Chairs and Secretaries of the ICOH Scientific Committees and Chairs of ICOH Working Groups
CC: ICOH Officers, Board members, and Secretariat + Australian Organisers

Greetings and we trust that all are well and staying safe in difficult times.

As you are aware, the ICOH2021 Congress was postponed in Q1 of 2020 to February 2022, instead of the originally planned dates of March 2021 in Melbourne, Australia.
The ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic and the uncertainty around its impacts are anticipated to last for many more months and as such ICOH and the Australian Organisers have jointly agreed that an onsite Congress in Melbourne will not be possible, hence the now renamed ‘ICOH2022’ Congress will be held fully virtually, from 6 to 10 February 2022.
A fully virtual format means that the ICOH2022 Congress will look very different to the usual ‘onsite’ ICOH congresses that we have become accustomed to, and various adjustments will need to be made to the scientific programme so that it can be accommodated within a virtual congress framework.
The ICOH2022 Congress will be of a shorter duration and will have considerably fewer sessions, with strict limits on the number of live streamed sessions as well as parallel sessions that accommodate Special Sessions, Free Paper Sessions (oral and poster presentations), and semi-plenary presentations.
All Special Sessions and Free Paper Sessions will be pre-recorded sessions and there will be no live streaming of these sessions. The number of sessions requested originally by the Scientific Committees and Working Groups in Q4 of 2019 will have to be reduced significantly as there is a limit to the number of presentations that can be accommodated in the virtual format of the congress.
Within the next few weeks, all ICOH Scientific Committees and Working Groups, as well as ad hoc committees (i.e. external organisations and groups other than ICOH entities) that submitted requests and proposals for Special Sessions will be contacted individually by the ICOH VP for Scientific Committees and/or the Australian Organisers. They will be requested to revisit and reformat their original submissions and to make the necessary adjustments to reduce the number of sessions for each Scientific Committee. The submitters of Special Session proposals will also be requested to consider including some COVID-19 aspect(s) in their revised Special Session proposals, if applicable.
As had been the case from the outset, preference will be given to Special Sessions that are organised collaboratively and involve more than one Scientific Committee and/or Working Group. Several Scientific Committees submitted proposals for multiple sessions, but these will need to be streamlined and many will have to fall away, due to the constraints of the virtual format. We will make decisions jointly in a manner that is as fair as possible so that all Scientific Committees that did submit proposals can be represented in the congress, even though they will be granted fewer sessions. We may also propose that certain Special Sessions on similar topics be merged and be organised collaboratively by ‘new combinations’ of Scientific Committees and/or Working Groups.
The virtual format cannot accommodate any Scientific Committee business meetings as there are strict limits for live streaming time. Please make your own arrangements for business meetings using Zoom or similar platforms.
For the last few months, ICOH and the Australian Organisers have been in the process of debating and discussing the changes that are required for a virtual congress to be possible, and once these issues have been agreed upon and finalised, new announcements and communications will be shared with all ICOH members on the way forward, new timelines for registration and submission of abstracts, and other relevant information.
We will work together to make ICOH2022 a successful ICOH congress, even though it will look very different to past ICOH congresses.

With thanks and best wishes, and we look forward to collaborating with you all.
VP for ICOH Scientific Committees – Claudina Nogueira
Australian Organisers of the ICOH2022 Congress – Malcolm Sim, Deborah Glass, Desmond Gul
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PREMUS 2019 - 10th International Scientific Conference on the Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

02/09/2019 - Bologna, Italy


OHHW - 11th International Joint Conference on Occupational Health for Health Workers

22/10/2019 - Hamburg, Germany


1st Congress on Emergency Preparedness and Response in Occupational Health (EPROH)

02/04/2020 - Montrouge, Paris Area, France